About Us

If you're looking for a Bradford County CPA firm with a client-first philosophy, consider Richard M. Farley CPA. We believe in getting to know your business and listening to your needs, then working closely with you to develop a plan to meet them.

Like most CPA firms, we offer standard services such as accounting and tax preparation, but unlike others, we have developed an extensive menu of specialized services designed to ensure that your business remains financially sound and prepared for a strong future.

Want to learn more? Call us at 570-265-4993. We'll set up an introductory appointment to meet at your convenience – and at no cost to you – so we can begin getting acquainted.

Richard Farley is a man with an amazingly diverse background -- able to wear many tax and accounting hats … all designed to help maximize his clients’ results when it comes their money! You see, solving “taxing issues” is just the tip of the iceberg. Dick has a wide range of experience working as a consultant in many different businesses, then as a controller in a large company -- which led to a huge amount of not-for-profit work in several other organizations.  Dick then began buying and selling homes, started a rental company and even got into the franchise business.

About Dick Farley

Does this sound like a normal CPA to you? Of course not! Well, Dick Farley is much more than a tax professional and accounting expert. But even on the tax and accounting side of things, Dick is a leader in the tax industry!

Hard-working taxpayers in Northeast Pennsylvania area love him because they don’t have to worry about paying Uncle Sam too much money (Dick won’t let it happen!). Even those aggressive IRS agents who attempt to intimidate the personal lives of so many Pennsylvania residents by target mailing nasty audit notices can’t touch Mr. Farley’s tax and accounting clients. Dick Farley and his professional financial team know exactly what to do (and what not to do) when it comes the tax code and the IRS knows it!

Dick is actually a quiet, soft-spoken man. But don’t let his meek mannerisms fool you (The IRS knows he carries a BIG stick!).  Dick has a deep passion for the outdoors and is an avid small and big game hunter.  When Dick is not solving a financial problem for one of his clients, he is probably in the woods, breathing in the air and enjoying the outdoors.

So what happens when you visit Dick Farley and Total Tax Services office for tax, accounting or various other financial related services?  Well, of course it’s a friendly experience. No stuffy tax and accounting office here. You’ll feel relaxed and right at home when you visit.

And remember, informal in the office does NOT mean unprofessional. You’ll get that straight in your first meeting with Dick.  Not only will Dick help you solve your tax or accounting problems, but Dick will also tell you what you’re NOT asking him that could save you a bundle of money in a variety of areas in your financial life. THAT’S THE ADVANTAGE OF HAVING A CPA WITH A DIVERSE BACKGROUND ENABLING YOU TO SEE THINGS TO HELP YOU NOW AND DOWN THE ROAD!

That’s why Richard (Dick) Farley is THE solution to any and all your tax, accounting and financial issues. I highly recommend you give him a call today. 570-265-4993

Oh, and if you’re like many in our area who’ve gotten caught up in the “oil and gas boom” … you really do need to act fast in contacting Dick. He’s helping families just like you make wise decisions today that’ll have huge financial implications for generations.  Don’t wait – call ASAP. 

We  Specialize In:

Tax Services for people who want to ONLY pay Uncle Sam what they legally owe, not a penny more.

Business Tax Services for owners who desire not only to be IRS compliant, but want to take every legal deduction possible (paying only what is required, no more) and enjoy the peace of mind of a REAL tax professional on their side.

Accounting & Monthly Bookkeeping Services (including QuickBooks consulting services) for small and medium sized businesses seeking cash flow advantages of proper planning, organized record keeping to make better (more informed) decisions and many other tax related services customized to fit your situation.

Financial Services & Estate Planning for savvy individuals and/or couples looking to take advantage of seeing the full financial picture as it relates to their future.  Taxes are a huge piece of the puzzle in any financial plan.  Now you can sleep easier knowing your investments and tax strategies are working together, all under one roof!

To schedule your appointment with Richard Farley, call 570-265-4993 today.